Steve Barbarich and His Pursuit for Success

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If you are an entrepreneur, philanthropist or an inventor, Steve Barbarich is a person who you can learn lessons from. What made Steve Barbarich stand out is his ability to transform over the years. His eagerness to improve and explore different industries made it possible for him to become successful in different fields.

Author and Inventor

Steve Barbarich started as an inventor. His primary goal during this time is to improve existing things that could still be improved in terms of design. Whether making the item smaller, more ergonomic or simply more cost-effective, these are some of the things that Barbarich looked into whenever he is innovating. After learning that he has a talent as an inventor, he then focused his attention on helping other inventors.

He ventured towards writing his experience specifically how to trademark an invention. Over the years, a lot of inventors were never able to maximize the profits brought by their ideas simply because they didn’t have any idea how to trademark their inventions. He wrote an e-book and instantly became an Amazon best-seller.

Steve Barbarich didn’t stop here. He then started his first venture. His first venture was a business that helped those inventors who were struggling with their inventions. He made a company that would help them find a market for their inventions. As an inventor himself, Steve Barbarich made it a point to consider the welfare of these inventors.

Success in E-Commerce

Next, he also ventured in the world of e-commerce. But unlike his first business, his success in e-commerce can be considered as an accident. He purchased a piece of furniture online only to discover the problem typically faced by consumers. He encountered a problem when it comes to the aftersales support of these stores. It became apparent that a lot of companies lack the manpower to deal with sales and even complaints by their customers.

He started his e-commerce website. But unlike other companies, he made it a point to deliver the best customer service possible to people who purchased products from his company.

Vacation Rental Business

But now, he is exploring other businesses. With the popularity of vacation rentals, he then decided to help homeowners maximize their ability to earn money from their real estate. Vacation Homes 365 was inspired by his travel experiences. Steve Barbarich traveled the world for his business ventures and he stayed not only on hotels but also on vacation rentals. He noticed that a lot of vacation rentals lack the professionalism and the exposure it needs to be able to get the most guests.

Vacation Homes 365 was made not only as a platform that can help homeowners advertise their properties. Instead, he also offered property management services to other homeowners. This way, they can improve their services to their market.

Steve Barbarich today is known not only as a businessman but also as a philanthropist willing to help the needy. He’s been able to make donations to the Red Cross especially for those who were victims of natural calamities. Plus, he helped women who needed to undergo a mammogram. He made donations that allowed less fortunate women to have early detection of breast cancer.