Starting an Online Marketing Startup in San Francisco During Pandemic

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San Francisco is known as a tech hub for different companies. However, there is no denying that businesses have been affected by the pandemic recently. A lot of startup businesses have failed even before the pandemic. Is it possible to find success if you are going to have an online marketing agency at the time of pandemic in San Francisco?

So what are things that you should be looking into at this time?

Know the challenges ahead

First, you have to understand that it is a different time. Though you can successfully find the people you are going to work with, can you get clients? Do you have the right connections and plans to get started from scratch at this time?

Also, how do you plan on paying your employees or your contractors? Do you have enough capital? At this time, given the financially difficult situation of most countries, rarely do you get to see someone willing to spend on a venture. But if you are serious enough, be sure that you know the worst-case scenarios.

Find the right people

There is no denying that having the right people aboard your project is the only way to succeed. One of the biggest misconceptions of many startups is that they can do things on their own. In reality, you will have to rely on people who can lessen the load on your part. What you want is to have a bunch of people who are experts at what they are doing.

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However, there is a catch. Expertise will cost money. It also means that you will have to know your budget if you are going to hire people. If you can’t afford to hire employees from San Francisco, what you can do is hire someone offshore. You will have to make use of platforms that can accommodate freelancers.

Create a strategy to attract clients

Who are your clients going to be? Do you focus on struggling businesses in San Francisco? If you are going to help businesses in San Francisco, it is a good idea to go beyond what the typical online marketing agency offers.

It is also a possibility that you can get more clients if you will create a plan on how to help businesses transition online. This can help change the way they run their business plus you can also build their trust.

There are instances when you also want to expand the horizons on who you are going to offer your services to. You might want to offer your services worldwide. Considering the recent pandemic, now is the time for businesses to go aggressive online. And that is where online marketing agencies can come in handy.

If you are starting an online marketing agency especially now, the good thing is that San Francisco has a good talent base when it comes to technology. You will be able to tap a lot of web designers, developers, SEO experts, and content creators who you can collaborate with and run a successful business.