Keeping Your Airbnb With No Complaints

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There are a lot of homeowners who now think that they can simply just enter the rental property market and have their spare room up for rent. In reality, you have to anticipate difficult guests. Some will expect more from others. But what you need to understand is that it can be a disaster waiting to happen if you are ill-prepared. You might get negative reviews that will shut down your dreams of becoming a successful host. So what are methods to minimize Airbnb complaints?

Know your market

The first thing that you will have to do is to know your market. Are you catering to families or are you catering to backpackers who are only looking for a bed to crash for a day or two? This way, you can make your property according to how your market needs it. This first step can already minimize half of the possible complaints.

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Maintain good communications throughout their stay

An important step towards avoiding negative feedbacks and complaints is by maintaining good communications with your guest. You don’t want to end up not replying to their concerns whenever they stay in your property. Remember that you don’t have a reception desk unlike in hotels. You also expect them to use things found in your home such as your laundry room and your kitchen. Don’t expect all guests to know how to operate everything inside your home.

Offer something extra

Next, you want to make them feel welcomed when they get inside your property. You want them to feel as if they are guests and not just some passerby who will pay you for the night to stay in your room. You can offer them some complimentary sweets or even a note. This will help boost your rating on Airbnb.

Clean and disinfect your property

More than ever, you need to disinfect the property. If you are located in an area that just opened after weeks if not months of lockdown due to the COVID19 outbreak, you might as well clean the property well. You will also need to disinfect the area to make sure that you are not harboring the virus at home. This will be a protocol once people start to travel again.

Create an easy to understand map

You need to make sure that the property is easy to locate for your guests. You want them to have a visual idea of which landmarks they will see along the way. And also, it might be best if you can pin the property on Google Maps. This way, it makes it easier for people to locate the place on their own.

Becoming a host on Airbnb can be tough especially nowadays. People expect a lot from hosts. You just can’t have a property and expect people to be happy if you are offering something mediocre. Though they are paying less than what they pay for a hotel, they still want a superb experience. And this has been a trend over the last years. Might as well protect your reputation as a host and put your best foot forward.