Steve Barbarich’s Interior Design – Do it Like a Pro Without a Sweat

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People think that interior designing is a daunting task because of the plethora of color combinations, furniture, and accessories to match, and the architecture of the house. There are so many varieties of styles and concept to choose from, yet do we know what’s best for our house? Yes it may seem pretty hard at first but there’s no such thing as secret technique every designer follows to create that exquisite piece of interior design; it’s no rocket science and everyone can do it! Yes, even you who don’t have any experience when it comes to interior design can create a masterpiece that will captivate the eyes of people who visits your home.

A dreamy white bedroom that holds a king size bed, soft couch below it, a glass chandelier, and comfortable light gray carpet. A setting that is not so theme’y, simple yet functional that can outlast the test of time. The room is not overcrowded with accessories and has a lot of breathing space for the furniture, letting the user maneuver with ease and comfort.

Aside from the architecture, we can say that wall paint is one of the foundations of an interior design; it is very important to pick the color that will last. How can we do it? First, we must consider that the paint color that we used from our old house will work with other houses as well. The right paint color should complement the current furniture or upholstery, accessories, artwork or let’s just say anything that goes inside the house.

A bold and daring living room that played with colors really well! My comment seems to be an understatement for this interior design for everything in this room is shouting elegance and style. A vibrant red carpet that serves as the base of this room, combined with well-chosen chairs and couch, and lampshades, golden curtain, and a beautiful wall painting that seems to be the focal point of the room.

Whenever I do the decorating I make sure that there’s a center of attraction; everything that we add inside the house like furniture, accessories, rugs, etc. plays a great role to support the main piece or focal point of the house. It’s like arranging a puzzle piece until everything gets clearer to reveal the real beauty. Like the picture above wherein everything is in contrast with each other while the most noticeable piece is the painting. The main attraction can either be a chandelier, art piece, fireplace, a Victorian bed or anything that can draw attention.

We often follow guidelines when it comes to decorating but it is best not to limit ourselves by following such rules. Sometimes it is best to ignore everything and favor our own creativity. Guideline serves as a starting point but it’s not foolproof and it’s always case to case basis; so add a little personal touch to your plans and designs and ensure to put your own character in it.