Lessons on How to Evolve as a Business From Steve Barbarich

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Now that the pandemic took place in 2020, businesses were given a curveball, and entrepreneurs have two options. They can either adapt to the changes or they can simply cut their losses and close their business for good. According to YELP, more than 60% of businesses in the US that are closed due to the pandemic are going to permanently close.

To be able to keep up with the changing times, businesses need to evolve. Steven Barbarich was able to witness how important it is to adapt to technology. Steve Barbarich who graduated with a degree in Engineering accidentally discovered that eCommerce doesn’t always live up to the expectations of its customers.

After Steve Barbarich purchased a product from an online store and discovered their substandard customer service, he decided to start his own eCommerce business. Every entrepreneur can learn from his experience of how a business should be evolving over the years.

Customers Want Fast and Reliable Service

One of the things that he discovered is that customers wanted to receive their product in the most convenient way possible. Also, they want something reliable. It means that if you are going to offer them a website where they can have their order, it is important to make sure that it doesn’t lag plus it can provide them with accurate information.

Online is Convenient

It can’t be too obvious that online made it possible to make things convenient for customers. Steve Barbarich San Diego businesses were all online-based. This made it possible for Steve Barbarich to offer a wide array of products to his customers. He only holds a warehouse where he keeps the products for his company.

Having an online business can have its perks. For starters, it is easier for businesses to operate because it doesn’t cost a lot of money compared to running a brick and mortar store. Next, you can have more products displayed on your website. Plus, you also don’t need to have a lot of employees.

Learn from Mistakes

Steve Barbarich wasn’t an overnight success. He was able to come up with solutions to different problems. And though it can be considered frustrating, what he did was to assess the degree of the problem and solve it based on the resources that he has at that time.

Always Help the Community

A lot of business owners forget that they were able to survive and thrive because of the community that supported them. Whenever you can, it is important to be supporting different causes. Steve Barbarich is considered a philanthropist. He was able to raise funds for victims of calamities. And not only that, but he was also able to fund the medical care of different individuals who needed breast cancer treatment.

Steve Barbarich is an example of a successful entrepreneur. His success is something that can teach business owners how they can adapt and ensure that they are always evolving for their customers and clients.

And since the pandemic has changed the landscape of different markets, it is timely to take a closer look at these lessons.