How To Prevent a Bad Guest From Booking

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A lot of homeowners today are investing a lot of money in order to turn their home into an Airbnb. By becoming a host, it becomes easier to make use of your real estate and turn it into a source of extra income on your part. But what you have to understand is that not all guests are the same. There are guests that could be a nightmare. In fact, don’t get surprised if your property gets trashed if you are not too careful about selecting your guest. So how exactly do you know if the guest has some questionable character or attitude?

Here are some things that you may want to check

Check the Profile

It is important that the person has a complete profile. This way, you at least know who you are going to get inside your property. You can even ask for their ID and check if they have questionable records. Though it isn’t always going to be a great way to block bad guests, this can be a good start in order to determine whether or not you should be accepting a guest.

You should also take a closer look at the description that they say about themselves. If there are red flags and if your instincts think that you shouldn’t be hiring them, just don’t do it.

Take the time to read the reviews

Next, you also want to know where he stayed in the past and what the other hosts think of him or her. Does he or she have so many complaints regarding the place? Is there any complaint on the part of past hosts? These are just some things that you want to look for when checking their profile.

Check if he or she is also a host

If the guest that you are getting is also a host, then this is a good thing. It only means that the person knows exactly what it is like to be in your shoes. This means that guests who are also hosts will most likely not trash your property. And also, it is also easier to get a good rating form these types of guests. It is likely that the person will just send you a private message if there is anything that can be improved in your property and not have it published.

Install Cameras in Common Areas

It is also important to have the necessary cameras in the common areas. This way, you will have an evidence of whatever was done in your property. Though you can never put cameras inside the room, it gives proper documentation in case you decided to file charges against the guest if they did anything bad. It also gives them peace of mind because it ensures them that the room is monitored in case something was lost during their stay.

Becoming a host in Airbnb can give you the necessary extra income that you want. And in for some people, it is actually a good source of income. However, you also have to be careful who you let inside your property.