How Did Steve Barbarich Complaints Became a Thing of the Past?

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If you are planning to run your own business because you want to be your own boss, you have to understand that it involves a lot of work. Steve Barbarich is a good example of someone who wanted to become an entrepreneur only to encounter the harsh reality that it isn’t exactly easy.

The moment he started his own products, a rookie mistake made him look bad in his niche. There were Steve Barbarich complaints in the past years saying that he was running a scam. If you will just read the Steven Barbarich complaints and accusations about him in the past, you would’ve thought that he stopped.

But today, he is stronger than ever. He started the Steve Barbarich San Francisco firm that handles vacation rental properties. It was then followed by a Steve Barbarich Los Angeles vacation rental management branch after the one in San Francisco was a hit.

So what was his secret that he managed to turn things around?

One of the things that he decided to do was to take a closer look at the complaints if there is truth to them. He saw the same thing when he took sample products from his inventory. That’s when he decided to start from there. He hired people who are more experienced in designing products to decide how to improve the products.

It was back from square one for him and his team. But in the end, it was a good move because it was a showcase to his market that they were serious when it comes to making the best products. Then they issued an apology to people who bought their defective products. He understood that some people simply wanted a refund and admission from the company.

The next batches were more carefully designed. They spent more hours testing the products and making sure that every detail was correct. After this, Barbarich also hired a more experienced PR team that would answer inquiries and protect them from bad reviews. In the end, it worked out for him and his company. Today, Steve Barbarich is known for his different ventures. But things wouldn’t have been this way if it wasn’t for the adjustments that he did.

How did he end up in the vacation rental business?

The vacation rental business is highly competitive for those who are aware. It is easy to spot who the market leader is and that’s Airbnb. Steve Barbarich wanted to have a part of the market. He did this not by going against Airbnb directly. However, he started small. He built a network in San Francisco, then in Los Angeles, and then in San Diego. Once he already built a network of cleaners, virtual assistants, and people he trusted, he then went all out with his vacation rental management business.

Then from that point, it was a platform. The platform proved that there is still some wiggle room in the vacation rental business as long as you don’t go all out. It was amazing how much effort went into his journey as an entrepreneur. It proved that you can recover from some challenges even if it meant bad reviews about your company.