How Can You Attract San Francisco Tourists with Your Vacation Rental

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San Francisco is a favorite destination for a number of tourists today. And it can get expensive in this part of the US. You will have to pay a good amount of money in order to stay in a hotel in the area. And in most occasions, it is actually not worth it considering that you will only stay in your hotel room during the night to sleep for a couple of hours and explore the city for the rest of the day.

If you happened to be a homeowner or if you have a spare room and you want extra cash, a vacation rental seems like a logical choice. It is a logical choice for a number of reasons. You can earn extra income and the fact that share economy is becoming popular in different cities such as San Francisco, it has great potential.
Now, if you have a spare room or a house that you want to get rented, how exactly do you attract your potential guests? How do you make sure that they choose your property over the other properties out there?

Fix what’s broken

The first thing that you have to know is that you can’t let your guest encounter things that aren’t working. You need to have a checklist of things that you will have to fix. This way, it is easy for you to not forget what needs to be repaired. Unfortunately, you just can’t rely on DIY if you are going to have your property rented as a vacation rental. You need the help of pros who can ensure that everything is working according to how it should be. From the locks on your door to your bathroom, these are things that you will have to check. Every detail is important.

Renovate if necessary

Another great way to attract potential guests is to have a newly renovated home. But of course, not everyone has the money to renovate their property. And it is also important to understand that major renovations aren’t always a necessity. There are homes that can be easily transformed as a vacation rental for guests. Maybe, a bit of interior design can already do the trick and you will see a good number of people visit the property.

Interior design

Now, it is imperative to check how the property looks good online and in person. You will have to do the necessary changes in order to make it look attractive in the eyes of your guests. You will have to assess the cost of the interior designing process as well. But most likely, it is definitely going to be cheaper than having your property renovated.


Amenities are also something that can attract people into your property. Wifi, bathroom, and kitchen are some of the things that should be present in the property. In fact, these aren’t optional. These should be a must in every property.

If you plan on having your property rented, then you will have to take a closer look at these things. This way, you can attract as many San Francisco guests to your property.