A Few Things We Can Learn From Steve Barbarich

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A lot of entrepreneurs look at Steve Barbarich as a role model for his success in the business world. He managed to explore different roles in different industries. From his humble beginnings as a struggling inventor and even when he became a writer, these are some of the things that he was able to accomplish over the years.

Freedom to Change Course

Steven Barbarich (or Steve as he is fondly called) graduated from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. He studied engineering. His reason was that he always showed aptitude in math and science-related subjects in school.

Even though he enjoyed his subjects and learned a lot from his professors, pursuing a career in engineering in a corporate setting turned out to be far from what he wanted. So he decided to take another route. He is innately creative, so becoming an inventor happened naturally. With basics in engineering, he created different products enjoyed by consumers.

However, he also learned the hard way. He realized that inventors don’t get to earn a lot of money from their ideas. That’s because companies own the patents.

After experiencing a few hurdles with his inventions, he wrote the book “The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents”. In this book, he shared steps on how inventors can make the most out of their creations. He published this book, in the hopes that more brilliant inventors can benefit from this trade. In that way, they can continue creating more products that would make people’s lives better.

Oftentimes we are faced with a difficult choice. Should we pursue a path that was decided for us? Or should we choose an uncharted road in hopes of achieving our dreams?

Steve advises that we should all opt for the latter. Life is (after all) too short to be spent tiptoeing. If you feel strongly about something, and doing it comes naturally to you – choose it and make a career out of it. The rest (including success, wealth, and growth) will follow. In the end, becoming an inventor and author worked well for Steve Barbarilch.

Create a Positive View of the World

Steve views life differently. Even though he has an extremely busy schedule, he still makes sure that he manages to give back. He believes that everyone should somehow contribute to one’s community

In 2009, he financially supported Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers to provide women with mammograms at no cost. He was convinced that by doing so, he’s helping families fight cancer by way of early detection.

He also found a way to help the youth sector. Particularly, those who are deemed delinquent but just essentially lack guidance and emotional support. Covenant House is based in California. It’s an organization that provides shelter to homeless and trafficked minors. They also provide the children with the emotional and educational support that they need to become independent adults.

Mr. Barbarich believes that by helping the sectors in the community who are in need the most, he is also giving back to the people who helped him when he was starting.